WhitePeak 24 Pty Ltd

WhitePeak 24 Pty Ltd

Rug and Carpet Cleaning in Coomera, QLD, Qu

Rug and Carpet Cleaning House Cleaning

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9 Pisces Court,
Coomera, QLD , Qu 4209 AUSTRALIA

About WhitePeak 24 Pty Ltd

We started WhitePeak24 cleaning services with the vision of redefining cleanliness. Cleaning is a necessary but time-consuming and even exhausting task. Our goal is to automate the cleaning services and make it more productive taking less time. We stand true to that vision by delivering the best quality of service along with outstanding customer service. Connect with us and tell us about your cleaning requirement to get the best quote for your task.

We serve the entire Brisbane and Gold Coast through our well trained and experienced team of professional cleaners. All our cleaners have experience of at least two years. They are regularly trained to comply with ever-changing needs and requirements. They are adept with specific cleaning needs and are fully capable of handling difficult cleaning needs.

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Home Cleaning
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Bond Cleaning


WhitePeak 24 Pty Ltd 07 2103 4716
9 Pisces Court,
Coomera, QLD , Qu 4209 AUSTRALIA
WhitePeak 24 Pty Ltd

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WhitePeak 24 Pty Ltd
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WhitePeak 24 Pty Ltd

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